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Sugarland, Little Big Town Deliver a Brilliant “Walking in Memphis”

Inspired by his visit in Memphis, Tennesee in 1986, Grammy-winning folk singer Marc Cohn conceived the familiar song we now know as “Walking in Memphis.” After its release in March 1991, the song immediately rose to no. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Soon enough, “Walking in Memphis” has since then gained massive popularity across the world. In fact, it has been rendered by different artists from different genres.

One of the most notable covers of the song and the first to be released was Cher’s in 1995. Becoming a big hit, her version went to no. 11 on the UK chart.

Whilst the song gained a momentum on the pop side, “Walking in Memphis” had its country music connection in 2003. Thanks to the group Lonestar who released their own cover. Same with the previous recordings, Lonestar’s rendition went big for the group. In fact, it clinched no. 8 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, it was a crossover success. This resulted in more artists wanting to cover the iconic song.

Sugarland & Little Big Town’s Version

As many versions of “Walking in Memphis” as there are out there, we bet that you haven’t heard this group collaboration of Sugarland and Little Big Town before. In 2010, the country duo Sugarland decided to team up with another country group, Little Big Town.

Newark tonight…Philly tomorrow. Only ✌🏻 shows left on the #StillTheSameTour! 🎪

Posted by Sugarland on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Loved being back home. Opry

Posted by Little Big Town on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The two groups went on to deliver a stunning and brilliant cover of the song. As a matter of fact, the harmonies were totally on point and the blending of their voices was heavenly. To honor the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley, they performed “Walking in Memphis” during a concert collaboration in Southaven, Mississippi. It is fully remembered that Presley died in his hometown in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1977.

With the jam-packed performances during the concert, the true highlight of the show was none other than the spine-tingling harmonies of the two groups. Their chill-inducing moments formed onstage giving the audience a brilliant show of voice and talent.

Watch the full video on how the two groups collaborated and then their amazing performance:

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