April 6

“Sugar Moon”: A Bob Wills’ Song that’s Best for People in Love

bob wills sugar moon

“Sugar Moon” was written by Bob Wills and Cindy Walker in 1947. It was the single first recorded by Bob  Will and the Texas Playboys, under Columbia records. The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts for 6 weeks in 1947. “Sugar Moon” is a western swing song that will make you want to dance along with it.

The Artist: Bob Wills

Bob Wills is known as the “King of Western Swing,” as he combined the traditional country music with fiddles, blues, and big band music. Wills rose to fame in 1934 when he formed his own band called the Texas Playboys. His two famous songs were “San Antonio Rose” and “Panhandle Rag.” In addition, his song “San Antonio Rose” was covered by Willie Nelson. Nelson’s version peaked only at No. 70 on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts in 1980.

What is Sugar Moon?

Sugar moon is another term that means honeymoon. Mostly sugar moon is used to define the beginning of a relationship. Especially when you are extremely in love with your partner (commonly known as the honeymoon phase).

The Song: “Sugar Moon”

As can be heard in the song, the narrator in the first two stanzas of the song is singing about the love of his life and how he’s going to propose to her. He plans to drop the line around the month of June. Probably Wills used the month June in the song because it is the most popular month to get married. Moreover, the narrator imagines how the love of his life will react when he asked her the question. She’ll be excited and happy to answer yes to him.

“Sugar Moon,” a love song that you can dance to not just alone, but with someone you love, because that would certainly be fun. Therefore, stand up, get ready to swing your way to a happily ever after with Bob Wills “Sugar Moon” song.

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