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The Successful Story Of Priscilla Mitchell And Roy Drusky’s Cheatin’ Song “Yes, Mr. Peters”

The Successful Story Of Priscilla Mitchell And Roy Drusky's Cheatin’ Song “Yes, Mr. Peters” 1

Certainly,”Yes, Mr. Peters” is a cheating song or a story about a love triangle. A lyrical communication between two lovers with the blended voice of Priscilla Mitchell and Roy Drusky and a mellow harmony. This is the story behind the song and why was it successful.

The story…

The successful hit portrays a love triangle. A married businessman is attending to a phone call from his girlfriend. It is only a conversation between the married man and the girlfriend. Furthermore, they make sure that no one on the other line is listening to their communication. As it goes, the girlfriend asks when she can meet him. The lyrics show that they both are in love and are eager to see each other. Finally, the man is able to cloak the conversation through his responses that lead the others to believe he is going to meet Mr. Peters. The girlfriend is concealed as Mr. Peters.

The song…

“Yes, Mr. Peters” was written by Steve Karliski and Larry Kolber. It was released as the lead single in 1965 from the album “Love’s Eternal Triangle”. Surprisingly, the song was the only No.1 hit of Roy Drusky. On the other hand, it was also the only hit of Priscilla Mitchell that crossed over country charts top 40. This is one of the three tracks of Drusky and Mitchell’s collaboration but the most successful single for the both of them.

On the Billboard Hot Country Songs on August 21, 1965, Drusky and Mitchell’s “Yes, Mr. Peters” surpassed the other country legends and their songs. These are “The First Thing Ev’ry Morning” by Jimmy Dean at No.2, “The Bridge Washed Out” by Warner Mack at No.3, “Before You Go” by Buck Owens at No.4, and “Yakety Axe” by Chet Atkins at No.5. The song spent on the billboard for 2 weeks consecutive.

The Answer Song…

After the success of “Yes, Mr. Peters”, an answer song was written. The song is entitled “Hurry, Mr. Peters”. It was recorded by Lorene Munn and Justin Tubb from the album “Together And Alone”. Unfortunately, the hit ranked only at No.23 on the country charts.

The Response Of The People… The love triangle in the 1960s…

Back in the 1960s, love triangles were already prevalent. Many people have experienced cheating because some have the guts to do it or simply can’t resist the temptation. Moreover, cheating or love triangle has been a massive theme in the movies and television, too. With this, a lot of individuals can relate to the song. And as a result, “Yes, Mr. Peters” was a huge success, due to the positive and negative feedback from the listeners.

The secret of the success was simply the song was relatable to the mass. A link between the song, the lyrics, and the people’s experiences. In other words, it was believable and authentic with the treatment of a sensitive, dominant situation in the society.

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Remembering Priscilla Mitchell And Roy Drusky With “Together Again” and “Yes, Mr. Peters”


Priscilla Mitchell, Roy Drusky

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