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The Story of the Song “I Went to Your Wedding”

Jessie Mae Robinson wrote and composed the popular song “I Went to Your Wedding”. It was published in the year 1952.

Based on research, “I Went to Your Wedding” is about a wedding attended by the ex-lover of one of the couples. In the song, we can clearly say that the ex is still in love with the person it is being addressed to. While several of the lines might suggest that they are directly being addressed to the female, most popular versions are by female singers. Thus, presuming it is about their male ex-lovers.

“I Went to Your Wedding” Patti Page

To mention those females, we have Patti Page. According to some, Patti Page’s version is the biggest hit version. In the 1950s, she was the most popular and in-demand female vocalist of her time. To add to her success, she sold over 100 million records during a six-decade-long career.

Patti Page recorded “I Went to Your Wedding” on August 6, 1952. Under Mercury Records, they issued it under catalog number 5899. In line with that, its flip side was “You Belong to Me”. On August 22, 1952, it was its first time to enter the Billboard chart. It stayed there for 21 weeks eventually the top spot on the chart. “I Went to Your Wedding” gave Patti a #1 hit in Australia, too.

Famous Covers

Another is Sammy Kaye. On August 15, 1952, she made her own cover of it. Under Columbia Records, they issued it with catalog number 39856. The other female was Alma Cogan of the United Kingdom. She recorded it, as well, in 1952.

For the male artists, a country music version by Hank Snow peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1952.

The second was Spike Jones and his City Slickers. They parodied the said tune later in the decade. They depicted that the singer was glad to “get rid” of the bride. Ray Stevens covered the Spike Jones version in 2012 on the 9-CD project, The Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music.


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