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Started with Candle Lights, Story Behind Lonestar’s Amazed

Started with Candle Lights, Story Behind Lonestar’s Amazed 1

A love song stating a man’s love for a woman and it is also a song used by a lot of men to make their woman say yes to marry them, just like one of the writers of the song.

Written by Marv Green, Aimee Mayo, and Chris Lindsey and released in March 1999 as the second single from Lonestar’s third studio album ‘Lonely Girl.’ Their version is their longest-lasting No.1 single and biggest hit. The song has sold over 1,650,000 digital copies in the America as of February last year.

Nashville songwriter, Aimee Mayo revealed the secret behind the romantic song: Turn out the lights. Fire up some candles — lots of them and lure a couple of handsome men as co-writers. “I always light candles when I write,” says Aimee, who makes her own wax creations. “It just relaxes me.”

When Chris Lindsey and Marv Green arrived, they might have mistaken the songwriting session for a seance. “We didn’t have a light on — just all the candles,” explains Aimee. The mood quickly took hold, and the trio crafted most of the song in three hours. Then they hit a brick wall.

“We didn’t get stuck until we hit the title,” admits Aimee. “We didn’t know what to call it, and we were all arguing about the title.” The argument lasted all the way to a studio demo session.

“We had to have a last line — we tried ‘I love you’ and a million things. We had said everything we wanted to say and we knew the very last thought had to be something huge. Then we got around to ‘Baby, I’m amazed by you.’”

Chris and Marv loved it for the title but Aimee still wasn’t sure. “When I finally heard it sung by the demo singer, I said, ‘OK, I’m wrong, and it’s right the way it is.”

It’s also dramatically changing the lives of two of its three writers. Candle-light sessions led to candlelight dinners and sparked a flame between Aimee and Chris. On August 21 they became engaged.

“I really couldn’t be more amazed by all this,” marvels Aimee, who moved to Nashville seven years ago and worked as a diner waitress. “It’s blown my mind.”

Aimee knows a good mood when she sees one. “I’m superstitious, so every time we write, I go, ‘I’ve got to light these candles first!’ “

In an interview with Lonestar lead singer Richie McDonald in 2013, he said that he still loves performing the song. “Artists wait for a song like that to come along that can take their career to another level, and that song did that for Lonestar, and that’s something that we’ll never forget,” he said. “And it’s not just the impact that it had on our careers, but the impact that it has on the fans. I mean, 10 years later it still has the same effect. That song to me is just a classic, timeless song. And it is that song that took Lonestar to another level. We will never, ever get tired of playing that song, just because we still have fans come up to us night after night saying that’s the song they got married to, the song they use on their anniversary. That’s what music is supposed to be about: if you can get in touch with people’s emotions, you can become a part of their story, as well. We’ve made an impact on people’s lives and that means more than anything to us.”

With so many people using this song at weddings and other special occasions, Lonestar sometimes feels a bit of pressure when performing it, as there are so many special memories associated with it. “I have a friend who’s a DJ and he says he plays it at every single wedding that he performs at,” Richie McDonald said. “The problem is that sometimes you try to recreate that, but you can’t recreate that. You’ve just got to go in; it kind of sets the bar awful high.”

A great story for a great song. Did anybody dedicate this song to you? Tell us the story in the comment section below and share this story to other country fans.




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