March 22

“Tell Me the Story of Jesus” Because I Ought To Know

If you will be asked the question, “How much do you know about the story of Jesus?”, what will your answer be? Quite a tough question, right? But it’s really a good one to brood over especially these days. Since the advancement in technology has taken over, people became so fascinated with a lot of stuff associated with it. We spend most of our time browsing the internet for something to read or watch. And most of the time too, we forget opening our Bible. As a result, we learn more stories from the movies we’ve watched or novels we’ve read and less of Jesus’ own story.

Jesus may have lived on earth only for a short period of time, but His life is peppered with miraculous and inspiring stories. During Christmas, we listen to sermons and sing songs about Christ’s birth. On the other hand, as the Lenten season approaches, the crucifixion and death of Jesus are the common themes we encounter at church services. Thanks to these special occasions, we get to know more if not reminded of some significant events in the life of Jesus. But outside of these seasons, what stories in our Savior’s life are we most familiar with? In our daily life, do we have that deep yearning to know the story of Jesus? Let this 18th-century hymn written by lyricist Fanny Crosby ignite a burning desire in our heart to know more about Christ. It’s entitled “Tell Me the Story of Jesus.” The attached video features two great singers Charlotte Ritchie and Ivan Parker performing the song live.   

The Songwriter’s Inspiring Story

Fanny Crosby’s life is filled with love that it overshadowed her physical condition. Having been blind since the age of six weeks due to an accident, Crosby has not seen most of the things that normal people do. Despite such, she never felt bitter toward God. Instead, she grew into a young woman who “saw” God in everything around her and in every circumstance that life handed to her. Moreover, God gifted her with the talent to put into words what’s inside her heart. Throughout her life, she has composed more than 9,000 hymns.

Her works have touched many lives and brought them to Christ.

"Tell Me the Story of Jesus" Because I Ought To Know 1

Frances Jane van Alstyne a.k.a Fanny Crosby in 1872

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