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The Story Behind: “From A Jack To A King”

In December 1988, country musician Ricky Van Shelton released his own version of “From a Jack to a King”. This became the remake artist’s fifth consecutive number one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles charts.

While Shelton had a hard time establishing himself, he was able to set himself apart in the game. He was likened to something similar to a ‘Remake King’. All his first four number one singles were recorded before, and yet earned another chart-topper—his fifth—with Ned Miller’s “From a Jack to a King” cover.

“From a Jack to a King” is a country music song. Originally, it was a crossover hit for Ned Miller, who also wrote “Dark Moon”, “A Falling Star”, and many other hits. It has been covered widely by country music artists.


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Ricky Van Shelton noticed Ned Miller’s original 1963 recording immediately after his interest in country music in the mid-1960s. The song became a big part of Ricky’s early collection. Even though it was a huge hit, Ned’s record remained at the second spot for four weeks.

As he was searching for a track for his second album “Loving Proof”, wife Bettye Shelton mentioned, “From a Jack to a King”. She lovingly remembered Ricky performing it on his early local shows before getting recognized. Shelton’s producer Steve Buckingham was familiar with “From a Jack to a King” and approved it without a doubt. Shelton’s rendition of “From a Jack to a King” debuted at #42 on the Billboard’s Country Singles chart on January 7, 1989. By March 18th, it jumped into the #1 position, surpassing Miller’s #2 peak in ’63.

Believe it or not, both Ned and Ricky worked at the very same jobs prior to their entry in the music industry.

Truly “From a Jack to a King”, he reigned gracefully.

The Story Behind: “From A Jack To A King” 1
Likened to a “Remake King”


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