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A Heartwarming Song, “Angels Among Us” and the Story Behind it

Image from Alabama's "Angels Among Us" official music video.

The Chilling Story Behind the Song

The story of “Angels Among Us” by Alabama is nothing new. A lot of people might already know the story of this song. However, this is for some people who haven’t heard the tale behind the song.

Songwriter Becky Hobbs wrote this song back in 1986. Unlike other songs that were made just to be in an album, this song was quite unique. During the Christmas time of ’85, the tunesmith, Becky Hobbs started to see premonitions. From that time, it was a feeling that the worst was behind her. There were nights when she would wake up sweating from a nightmare of crashing and thinking that she wasn’t ready to die.

Another premonition appeared the morning before Becky’s birthday. This time it was a voice. In her story, there was a force that held her hand and took her out in her front yard. Then she looked up at the sky and asked “What? What is it you’re trying to tell me?” Afterward, a masculine voice answered “Be careful. This may be your last birthday.”

The Premonition Came into Reality

The unexpected happened on Becky Hobbs’ birthday on January 25, 1986. She was traveling with her band after a benefit concert in Albertville. It was a rainy night and the band’s van stopped in a traffic light at a traffic intersection of the four-lane highway. Hobbs looked up and saw an eighteen wheeler racing along the way,

“At that moment our light turned green and I felt our driver take his foot off the break. In that second I got that same premonition and I yelled out for our driver Randy to stop.”

The same time that the road manager stepped on the break, the truck hit their van. The trailer that was carrying the band’s equipment was ripped from the back. The van was a wreck but the band miraculously only suffered minor injuries. If the driver of the van didn’t make that step on the break, they would’ve died that day.

Becky’s quick thinking made everyone survive. That was the time she realized that the voice was her guardian angel. She wrote the song title, “Angels Among Us” and spent the next few years writing the lyrics of the song before she asked a friend, Don Goodman to help her to finish the song.

Watch below as Becky Hobbs tells the story of how the song came to be.

Other Versions of the Song

Back in 2012, Demi Lovato covered “Angels Among Us.” It wasn’t that good, however, it wasn’t bad because she released her cover to support the victims of Newtown Shooting. Her cover could’ve been better if she stopped moaning and as if she was going to cry but never did. In addition, it could’ve been better if she sang the song the way it should be.

Another version was a collaboration between our young country artist being led by Scotty McCreery. It wasn’t better than the original but it would make Alabama proud of this version. Watch and below and see for yourself.

Who would you like to see cover this song? Let us know in the comments section. And, why not share this story with your family and friends? Bless Your Heart!


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