May 22

Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Feast Your Eyes on Home Free’s Impressive Blue Ain’t Your Color Rendition

Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Feast Your Eyes on Home Free’s Impressive Blue Ain’t Your Color Rendition 1

When it comes to making amazing and extraordinary song covers, Home Free has probably built a musical empire for themselves—thanks to their innovative a cappella style as well as their undeniably overwhelming musical skills. With modern country hits as their choice of genre to cover, they have been making waves across the globe. The group, which was originally formed in the year 2000 by Chris Rupp, began as a hobby for the members. It gradually helped honed the skills of some of its members at a very young age. Some of their most recent works include a cover of Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett and My Church by Maren Morris.

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This time, the highly talented a capella group decided to add a hip twist to the song Blue Ain’t Your Color by country music star Keith Urban. This was a pleasant surprise for their fans, after they went silent for a couple of months. The idea was pitched by Rob Lundquist, the group’s tenor harmony singer. According to the group, they were immediately inspired to take on the song and make it their own with their distinct style that fans adore so much. As it turns out, Lunquist’s song choice made for the perfect comeback song for the group.

Blue Ain’t Your Color is the fourth single off of Ripcord, the latest album of Keith Urban. After its release in August 2016, the bluesy track reached the number 1 spot and reigned for a whopping 12 consecutive weeks!


Although it was a cover, they still wanted to maintain the original style of the song. The arrangement they did was something they described as possessing an old-school Motown feel. They wanted to maintain the classy blues feel that the original version of the song had. As for the music video, it was shot in front of a background embellished with gold and what appears to resemble tinsel. Standing in a straight, horizontal line, Lunquist takes the lead for the performance before he is joined by Adam Chance’s baritone harmony. The performance was made more amazing when Home Free began to show off their insane dance moves, allowing them to accurately and successfully portray the Mo-town vibe they were going for. All in all, it was a charming, groovy, and impressive number from the talented a capella group yet again.

Covering songs is not something that can be achieved by simply singing another artist’s song and then expect to leave a huge impact afterwards. It means bringing your own interpretation of the song, adding your own twist, and expressing it in your own way. More importantly, performing a cover means showing that you honor the song and the artist so you need to put your heart and soul into it.

Home Free has done countless renditions of hit country songs and never have they failed getting their message across through their amazing rearrangements.

What do you think of their Blue Ain’t Your Color Rendition? What’s your favorite Home Free cover song?



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