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Through the Toughest Times, Stay Strong,’ Cause “Love Don’t Run”

Through the Toughest Times, Stay Strong,’ Cause "Love Don't Run" 1
Steve Holy / Billboard

Love Don’t Run

After expressing admiration with his top hit “Good Morning Beautiful” in 2002, Steve Holy shares a message of holding onto a relationship, no matter how tough the situation may become. “Love Don’t Run” is particularly applicable to married couples who’ve been through the sweets and sours of relationships. The song was officially released in September 2011.

Joe Leathers, Ben Glover, and Rachel Thibodeau penned the tune. The writers shared their aim in writing the song which was to encourage couples not to give up on their relationships. Rough times will always be a part of the journey, and partners who really want to last long should be very honest with one another. No matter how hard the words may hit, as long as they’re true, the other person will not leave, because if it’s true love, it will never run.

Love don’t run, love don’t hide
It won’t turn away or back down from a fight
Baby I’m right here and I ain’t going anywhere
Love’s too tough it won’t give up no not on us
Baby love don’t run

Through the Toughest Times, Stay Strong,’ Cause "Love Don't Run" 2
Relationship/ psychologytoday.com

On relationships and honesty

Trust is the most essential foundation on which a strong and lasting relationship is built. And it’s true that honesty will always be the key component that will build trust from among partners. However, we are all guilty of compromising the “best policy” at times.

In all kinds of relationship, we should stay real with our words and actions. Being real, however, may cause some people to judge you, but that’s okay, you cannot please everybody. What matters most is that you are living in reality instead of fantasy. Eventually, those people who really care for you will stay beside you after you bare your true self to them.

For couples, it is greatly important to tell your partner what you really feel especially when it comes to major decisions. One of the most common advice during wedding ceremonies is that no one should be sleeping unless the problem or misunderstanding has been fixed. Grave fights can be avoided if couples will stay honest with each other all the time. Sometimes, one party may be offended, but again, that’s totally okay, truth hurts, but it will set you free.

Steve Holy

Through the Toughest Times, Stay Strong,’ Cause "Love Don't Run" 3
Steve Holy/ MovieAndMusicGreats.Com

The country gentleman who brought us all these reflections is from Dallas, Texas. He was loved by his classmates when he was in grade school because of his imitations of Conway Twitty. He first performed in a larger stage on Johnny High’s Country Music Revenue, where eventually won the Entertainer of the Year Award.  Then he was discovered by Wilbur Rimes, father of LeeAnn. He moved to Nashville and started releasing albums in 2000 up to the present.

Listen to Steve Holy’s song and be reminded that every struggle in a relationship shall come to pass, because “Love Don’t Run.”

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Love Don't Run, Steve Holy

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