June 12

Everybody Needs A Little “Sunshine” Says Steve Azar

In January of 2010, Steve Azar released “Sunshine (Everybody Needs a Little) as the second song from his Slide on Over Here album. But, did you know that prior to its studio release, “Sunshine” had been in Azar’s set list for more than a year? Let us know more on how Steve Azar and his rhythmist, Jason Young, created this special song.

Everybody Needs A Little “Sunshine” Says Steve Azar 1

Is “Sunshine” For Steve’s Wife?

In most cases, when you want to write a song, you schedule when you are going to do it. Sometimes, you even know what to write. Of course, it is vital to be in shape and in a good mood when you do it. Always, to have an inspiration before you write a song really helps much. However, for Steve Azar, it is not always the case. Most of the time, he starts making up a song even during a show or at sound checks. He easily lets his emotions take over him. He does not schedule it, the idea just happens.

As much as everybody goes on to tell that Azar wrote this about his wife, he says he did not. Although he was sure he was thinking of her at the back of his mind somewhere, it was more because he is in the mood. They had just started the Bob Seger tour and it was very dark in his area. He was at the back of the tour bus. He was listening to jazz music, watching the food network, and was watching ESPN. The dark, cold room drove him to pen “Sunshine”. He did not plan on anything that day, not even composing a song. He was out of his mind a little bit and not really fixated on anything. That was when these lines started messing his mind:

Your dark hair draped across my pillow

I finally got it right.

Azar started to share it with Jason, and the next thing they know they are already playing it on their Seger tour.

It’s For Everyone

Azar describes “Sunshine” as a song that puts people into a trance. Even the people who have been married more than thirty years can fall in love with the song’s story. Listen to this song. One of the deals where Azar grassed in and recorded after about a year and a half of playing it live.

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Steve Azar, Sunshine

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