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It’s About Time That We As Christians “Step Into the Water”

It’s About Time That We As Christians “Step Into the Water” 1

I believe most of you dear readers are familiar with the story of crossing the Red Sea. What about the crossing of Jordan? Are these two the same? No, they’re not. They’re two totally different stories but both provide us with almost the same lessons. Surely, the mention of God being a God of miracle would be one. For who else has the power to part the sea into two so the people can pass through it on a dry land in between? No one but God.

Aside from that, of course, we can still draw many lessons from those accounts of deliverance. For now, let’s look into one important moral of the story of crossing Jordan which can be of relevance to our lives – Trust. In the story, God let His leaders step into the water before it stopped from flowing. By doing this, God wanted His people to display their trust in Him.

“Yet as soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the water’s edge, the water from the upstream stopped flowing.” (Joshua 3: )

After which, the river bed instantly dried up. If we will dig deeper into it, this would mean that God worked. However, He also required the people to take a step of faith before they were able to experience God’s enormous work in their lives. This is indeed a reminder to all of us. God works but we need to do our part too. In other words, God is waiting for us to take the first step of faith. To enlighten us further on this, let’s listen to this song performed by The Cathedrals. It’s called “Step Into The Water.”

Source: Youtube/GaitherVEVO

Short Song Info

Kirk Talley became a member of the group in 1979 and it was during his stint with The Cathedrals that he penned the song. In an interview, Talley shared how he came up with it. He started writing the chorus first after hearing Phil Haskins stated a line during his preaching. He said that “it was time we as Christians need to step into the water.” He later added the verses. The song made it to No. 1 on the charts and it made an astounding stay on top of the chart for nine months.

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