January 28

Stella Parton Celebrates 50 Years in Country Music with “Survivor”

Stella Parton is celebrating her 50-year long career in the country music business by releasing her 40th studio album entitled “Survivor.”

via Stella Parton’s Official Facebook Page

Stella Parton is an award winning Hall of Fame inductee hailing from the talented Parton Family. She is most known for her hit song “I Want to Hold You In My Dreams Tonight.”

The song launched Parton on her path to success. It earned her a record deal with Elektra, a series of Billboard hits and a loyal international fan following.

Listen to the hit below!


Since that time, she has gone and recorded 39 albums and 32 chart singles. And, she also went and become an accomplished actress and author. Parton has published three cookbooks under her name and starred in four lead roles in Broadway touring musicals.

Her Upcoming Album

“Survivor” pays homage to the independence that Parton has established not only as the sixth of the twelve children in her family, but also as a music maker. Like her older sister Dolly Parton, she is one of the trailblazers who paved the way for women, not only in country music but in the entertainment business as a whole.

Parton expressed her reasoning behind the title of her project in an interview:

“A singer should be able to touch the listener with ‘three chords and the truth’ as Harlan Howard used to say. That was my approach to writing and recording this project, and I hope that these songs inspire anyone that hears them to press on through whatever challenges or opposition they find themselves up against – because we are all Survivors!”

Track Listing

1. “Wake Me Up”
2. “It Can Be An Illusion”
3. “Valley Of Desire”
4. “Forget Me Not”
5. “The Last Rose Of Summer”
6. “Crazy Cradle of Love” 
7. “Dirty Rotten Dog”
8. “Like A Rock”
9. “I Ain’t Leavin’ ‘Til I’m Even” 
10. “I Press On”


Dolly Parton, Stella Parton

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