October 11

We’ll Stay Young for “The Rest of Our Life”

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been together for more than two decades. They have been a great team and that has made them a couple to be reckoned with. Now, their very first duet album is coming and the new music video of “The Rest of Our Life” is out. We are all freaking out!

“The Rest of our Life” is the album’s title and it will feature 11 tracks. Here it is:

“The Rest of Our Life” (Ed Sheeran/Amy Wadge/Johhny McDaid/Steve Mac)

“Telluride” (Jon Randall/Jessi Alexander)

“The Bed We Made” (Lori McKenna/Liz Rose/Hillary Lindsey)

“Cowboy Lullaby” (Brett James/Brett Beavers)

“Break First” (Emily Weisband/Ashley Gorly/Jerry Flowers)

“Love Me to Lie (Hayley Warner/Maureen McDonald/Nathan Chapman)

“Sleeping in the Stars” (Jaida Dreyer/Mark Irwin/Gareth Dunlop)

“Damn Good at Holding On” (Lori McKenna/Barry Dean)

”Devil Callin’ Me Back” (Jesse Frasure/Ben Caver/Nolan Sipe)

“Speak to a Girl” (Shy Carter/Dave Gibson/Joe Spargur)

“Roll the Dice” (Shy Carter/Bobby Hammrick/James LeBlanc/Meghan Trainor)

The Rest of Our Life Video

This video shows both the reality of marriage. It’s not always good and there will be bad days as in any relationship. The clip debuted via Amazon Music and was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend.

The couple seems to be going to a fancy event but a heated argument blew between them. As McGraw sings “You brighten my day,” Hill yells at him. In the middle of the fight, Faith walks out on him by jumping out of the car as the rain pours. She ended up in a diner where a familiar waitress gives her a jean jacket. Eventually, Tim finds her there and the couple makes up.

“The Rest of Our Life” is written by Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johhny McDaid and Steve Mac — is the opening track on the country duo’s upcoming album of the same name, due on Nov. 17.

Personally, I liked the lines of the song saying that:

There’s one thing I should be giving up, giving up now

And that’s worryin’ about life

Oh, I’ll be fine

If one gray hair shows, I’ll be fine

If my waistline goes, I’ll be fine

Even if time takes its toll

We’ll stay young for the rest of our lives


It’s just a reflection of the comfort being with your life partner who will be there. So, worrying is of no use and everything will be fine as long as you both stick out for each other. That is real love!


faith hill, tim mcgraw

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