October 29

“In the Sweet By and By” Performed by The Statler Brothers

At the end of our journey, we all would like to meet Jesus. We won’t know when and how, simply because our faith doesn’t lie on our hands. Nevertheless, someday we will meet him somewhere. Somewhere that we can feel bliss and eternal life. “In the Sweet By and By,” tells us that there are a place and time wherein we will come across Jesus. He will then bring us to a place where we could be safe. A place we could feel him and be with him all throughout.

Posted by The Statler Brothers – Country Legends on Monday, August 24, 2015

Yes, we are unable to feel Jesus’ existence now, but we can sense his presence through prayers. Right now, it’s within our hearts where we can communicate with him. Through sincerity and contemplation, he is with us, and he is beside us.

Probably, you are in a situation right now where you’re longing for his love and existence then this hymn best suits you. It can make you comfortable, and it can wash your worries away. “In The Sweet By And By” will, indeed, tell us that Jesus has a glorious gift of love to us.

In the Sweet By and By

S. Fillmore Bennett is the person behind the words and lyrics of “In The Sweet By And By.” On the other hand, Joseph P. Webster created the music, the melody, and harmony of the hymn.

Furthermore, there’s one situation where Webster visited Bennet in his office. He went there in an office hour without speaking to Bennet. Bennet, on the other hand, asked: “Webster, what is the matter now?” “It’s no matter,” he replied, “it will be all right by and by.” Bennet replied “The Sweet By And By.” This conversation made Bennet think of a hymn to write about. He handed the sheet to Webster and began writing the notes. Afterward, Webster grabbed his violin and started patching the melody into the lyrics. In less than 30 minutes, Bennet, Webster, and two of his friends were singing the song already.


In The Sweet By And By, The Statler Brothers

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