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Thrive From His Words, “If It Only Took A Baby” by Statler Brothers

Thrive From His Words, “If It Only Took A Baby” by Statler Brothers 1
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“Amen”, a budget album by the Statler Brothers collects twelve tracks highlighting their gospel course and smooth harmonies. This was the Statler Brothers’ last studio album recorded in May of 2001. It comprises songs written not only by Harold, Jimmy, and Don but also by their second generation. Harold’s son and daughter, Wil and Kim, along with Don’s sons, Debo and Langdon, are embodied on this final album as the delightful songwriters they truly are. What an inspired pool of gospel songs to end such an essential part of their career. Today, we will ponder as we listen to one of their hymns, “If It Only Took A Baby”.

If it only took a baby,

Why can’t people here believe

If it only took a baby,

Lullabies should ring with peace.

Who is the Baby?

A long time ago, in Bethlehem, a baby was born. He was born in a manger. Yes. It was Jesus. Jesus was not born in a manger by chance. Taking into consideration what the Statler Brothers sang about, it is a major divine symbol. If it only took a baby to unite the world, lullabies should ring with peace. The Statler Brothers want us to know that regardless of the exact location of Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ first cradle was a pointer of His nature and purpose. He was just a baby who came to earth away from elaboration, in luxurious surroundings. But, He was the King of Creation and God’s own Son who was born surrounded by animals, with his first visitors being humble shepherds from the fields. Just a baby, who grew as a humble king and sacrificed His life on the cross for sinners.

If it Only Took a Baby…

In His eyes His tiny hands

Hold the future of our land,
His manger bed His holy face
Looks to us with amazing grace.

Animals go to the manger for physical nourishment, but with Jesus lying on the hay, it meant going to the manger for spiritual food. Jesus has an infinite storehouse of nourishment available, and we can approach him any time and never go hungry. He nourishes us with Word and Sacrament, his gospel and the Eucharist. Jesus wants us to consume His word, chew on it, slowly ponder on its meaning, gulp and digest it. Ultimately, He wants us to make it part of the material in our being. The manger is a significant sign that Jesus is sustenance for us. The shepherds ate first. Now it is our turn. Take Him as a food for your soul, today, and always.


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If it Only Took a Baby, The Statler Brothers

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