October 23

Statler Brothers’ Rendition of the Gospel Song “Sweet By and By”

We live in this world with so much pain and suffering. We want to live a life that is free from all pains and we want happiness. However, how can we get over all of this? How are we to live a life free from troubles, pain, and suffering?

The Song

The song “Sweet By and By” assures us that there is a place where we can live and be happy. Jesus is preparing His home for us. He wants us all to live in the place He is preparing for us. In this place, we do not have to worry about any sadness, pain, and suffering anymore. In this place we will call our home, we will forever be happy and spend our days praising God. Therefore, if we think that life is weighing us down let us not be discouraged because there is a beautiful place waiting for us as proven by the Bible and the gospel hymn “Sweet By and By.”

The Statler Brothers Recording

In 1983, the Statler Brothers released their album Today. Their album reached No. 10 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Moreover, it placed at No. 193 on the Billboard 200 chart. Their album contained country songs and a gospel song. The only gospel song in their album is “Sweet By and By.”

Making of the Song

“Sweet By and By” was written by S. Fillmore Bennett in 1868. The music was by Joseph P. Webster. The song was written when Webster said,

“It Will Be All Right by and by.”

Then Bennett came up with the idea of writing a hymn. Therefore, he wrote down the words as it flows freely from him. After writing, Webster gave the words to Bennett, and he immediately lay the melody of the song.

Cover Versions

Some artists also released their version of the song “Sweet By and By.” These artists were Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Alabama, and many more.


statler brothers, Sweet By and By

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