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Start Your Day with Statler Brothers song, “Feeling Mighty Fine”

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Starting your day right is not easy. Usually, people will advise that we must always think positively and always look at the brighter side of life. However, it is not easy to always think in a positive way. It is not easy to start your day in a good mood, especially if you have a lot of problems and things that are bothering you. But the truth is despite all these hardships and difficulty, to look at the brighter side, there is always one thing that will help us feel good every day.

The Statler Brothers Album

The Statler Brothers recorded a song which lets us know that we can have a mighty fine day if we only do what they said in their song. “Feeling Mighty Fine” is a song written by Mosie Lister. In addition, this song is part of the Statler Brothers thirty-third studio album Home. The Home was released in 1993 under Mercury Records. One song in their album was dedicated to Chet Akins, “Chet You’re the Reason.”

“Feeling Mighty Fine’s” Meaning

“Feeling Mighty Fine” is a song that reminds us that if we have God in our minds, we will have a good day. Like the man in the song who says that he feels good because he thinks about heaven. This means that the narrator, who is going through tough times, believes that life on earth is temporary. He believes that all his hardships will not last forever. He will someday be in heaven where life is much better. In addition, he also mentions in the second stanza of the song that he prays to God the night before. Therefore, because he has God in his heart, he is able to face every day with a positive outlook in life.

Even the Bible reminds us that making God the center of our lives and praying will make our life easier.

“I have set the LORD always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” – Psalm 16:8

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