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The Statler Brothers’ “Bed of Rose’s” and its Twisted Usage

The Statler Brothers' "Bed of Rose's" and its Twisted Usage 1
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A song considered to be a socially-conscious tune was “Bed of Rose’s.” Those who have been around during the early ‘70s are certainly familiar with the song. It was an American vocal group The Statler Brothers who first recorded it. Penned by Harold Reid, “Bed of Rose’s” was released in October 1970. It served as the lead single and title track to the group’s album of the same name. In winter of the following year, “Bed of Rose’s” reached the peak of fame becoming a Top 10 hit on the country music chart. The song was also one of the group’s well-known records together with Flowers on the Wall” and Do You Remember These.”

The song’s content posed a challenge on prejudiced religion and moralism. To put it clearly, the narrator happened to be a young orphaned man. Whether it’s because of his circumstances or due to some others reasons, the townspeople who considered themselves Christian showed resentment toward him. This forced the poor orphan to beg in the streets until he met a woman named Rose. The lady, whose age is twice his, was totally different from the townspeople. She treated her with care and compassion. Such kindness led them to end up being lovers.

Watch The Statler Brothers performing “Bed of Rose’s” below.

Apart from the twist that exists in the song’s story, “Bed of Rose’s” offers a more interesting twist. Such may probably not have been even thought of by the people who first fell in love with the song back in the ’70s. Believe it or not, this record of The Statler Brothers became a soundtrack to a video game that emerged in the mid-2000s. You read it right, folks. Let’s have a closer look into the matter.

A Soundtrack to a Video Game

Toward the end of 2004, Rockstar North developed an open-world, action-adventure video game. He called it Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Rockstar Games published the game for the PlayStation 2. Set in the early 1990s, the game features an in-game radio that can tune into eleven stations and subsequently play over 150 tracks. These songs, which also originated in the early ’90s, were issued under licensed music. In addition, the famed video game incorporates a talk radio station.

There were two official soundtracks released featuring the game’s music. These are the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack Box Set. The soundtracks came out in November and December 2004, respectively. Accordingly, these received positive feedback from reviewers. Moreover, the relevance of the songs with the gameplay and the period were highly acclaimed. Other than “Bed of Rose’s,” other country classic songs featured on the soundtracks include Hey Good Lookin’,” “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” and Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys,” among others. Below is the recording of “Bed of Rose’s” featured on the soundtrack.

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