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Now You Believe It: Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs

Now, we are down to our last list of “Can You Believe That Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs?” series. Can you believe it now? Chris Stapleton penned all these songs though they could have been his own. He has won several ACM, Grammy, and CMA awards mostly double whammy, because not only does he sing them, he writes them, too. We have four left, so let’s keep it rolling!

Now You Believe It: Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs 1

2006, “Your Man” by Josh Turner

Josh Turner’s deep voice may have given “Your Man” its signature rumble, but Stapleton gave it life, visualizing the tune. It is his first chart-topper with Chris DuBois and Jace Everett. In addition, it was Turner’s first, too, leading a record that has since taken him up the charts four more times. Meanwhile, videos of Stapleton performing “Your Man” can also be viewed. He puts a twist by replacing Turner’s sweet delivery with grit and dirty soul.

2011: “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” by George Strait

Stapleton was playing country-fried cock-rock with the Jompson Brothers when George Strait released this song in 2011. “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” is a sweet, frank song about leaning on your loved one’s support. It was proof that Stapleton could not dispense country music behind, even while his own band whipped different tunes like “Ride My Rocket.” Strait’s take on “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” became a top three hit.

2011: “Miles to Go” by Alison Krauss & Union Station

Alison Krauss traveled miles to have her recording of “Miles to Go” a hit. She owes it not only to Stapleton, who co-wrote the song with Union Station bassist Barry Bales but to the rest of the SteelDrivers too. They arranged mirrors of a rootsy stamp to the song. Deluxe and exquisite, the song is one of the highpoints of Paper Airplane, Krauss’ most recent album with Union Station.

2013: “Homesick” by Sheryl Crow featuring Zac Brown

Teaming up with Stapleton for the song’s creation, Sheryl Crow duets with Zac Brown on this mid-tempo ballad. She released it on her debut country album, Feels Like Home. With identical parts longing and heartbreak, the song feels like a notion for the entire record, with Crow delivering the punchline,

 “I get homesick for anywhere but home”.

Did you like our list? Do you have more Stapleton-written songs in mind? Visit our website on Country Thang Daily to look back on the previous articles for “Can You Believe That Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs?” series. 


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