December 4

Legendary Mavis Staples Urges Us to Look for “The Root”

The Root

“The Root” is a song by the legendary blues and gospel singer Mavis Staples. It is featured in the gospel compilation soundtrack of the hit OWN drama Greenleaf.

It urges us to look for love and devotion through all the hardships that we encounter in our lives. The song details about how futile our attempts are at finding peace and answers if we do not find love in its opening lyrics:

You can dig all day and never find the root
You’re gonna get dirty child digging for the root
If you’re looking for an answer what’s wrong with the truth?
Keep digging child, looking for the root
Look for love
It must be love
Look for love
It must be love

The song narrates how we look for answers in all the wrong places, when in fact the answer is simple. In fact, we should come to know and master it since we are created out from the love of our Creator. These lyrics would fully mimic that as well:

We keep reachin’, reachin’ for the fruit
We keep digging, digging for the root
Looking for the answer, what’s wrong with the truth
Keep digging child, looking for the root
Look for love
It must be love
Look for love
It must be love

Listen to the amazing track here!


Greenleaf is an American television drama series, created by Craig Wright, and executively produced by Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate Television. It follows the unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family with scandalous secrets and lies, and their sprawling Memphis megachurch with predominantly African-American members. The series’ lead characters are Bishop James Greenleaf (David) and Lady Mae Greenleaf (Whitfield), who are the patriarch and matriarch of the Greenleaf family, and Grace Greenleaf (Dandridge), their estranged daughter who has returned home after 20 years following the mysterious death of her sister, Faith.


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