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“There Stands the Glass”: Best Rendition by Webb Pierce

webb pierce there stands the glass

It is not uncommon to hear songs about sad breakups where the person involved ends up drinking. It has been a usual practice of some to drown the pain they are feeling by drinking alcohol. They like that it makes them numb and keeps them from thinking of anything.

From Blaine Smith to Webb Pierce

Webb Pierce‘s song “There Stands the Glass” is one of those breakup songs were the character drowns himself with alcohol. He was the only one who covered the song and was able to make it reach the number one spot on the charts. However, Blaine Smith first recorded the song.

“There Stands the Glass” was written by Russ Hull, Audrey Greisham and Mary Jean Shurtz in 1952.

After 11 Years…

It took 11 years before someone covered the song again. Carl Smith made a version of “There Stands the Glass” in 1964. Since then, artists started covering the song again and included it on their albums. Some of the artists who made a version of this song were Jerry Lee Lewis in 1969, Johnny Bush in 1973, and Loretta Lynn in 1981.

Bush’s version was able to enter the Billboard chart, but it was not as successful as that of Pierce.

The Song’s Meaning

The song pertains to a man who tries to make himself feel better after a breakup. He seems to think that it is the only way that he can forget about her for a while. Even though he drinks his pain away, he still thinks of her. He may be drinking, but he still wants to know if she’s doing fine and if she misses him too.

The Music Video

Webb Pierce’s successful version of this song was the reason why most people thought that he was the first one to record it. In the video, Pierce was playing the guitar as he performs the song on a TV show.

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There Stands the Glass, Webb Pierce

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