December 20

“Standing on the Promises of God” by the Statler Brothers

Time for another good ole hymn singing folks! Always a Sunday favorite and nothing is stopping anybody from daily singing “Standing on the Promises.”

“Standing on the Promises” by The Statler Brothers

Don’t you love such kind of dynamic singing? The Statler Brothers are best cut out to do hymns. And listen to Mr. Jimmie Fortune! Just wow for those high notes!


Russel Kelso Carter wrote, “Standing on the Promises” in 1886 while serving as a professor in the Pennsylvania Military Academy. He was also a layman preacher sent by the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was an active participant in most camp meetings and revivals.

At age 30, he fell deathly ill and had a frail chance of survival. Naturally, he asked the Lord for help and he was not disappointed. He gradually regained his health and became a doctor himself. Retired from his military appointment, he became a novelist and a hymn writer.

“Standing on the Promises” then is his memorial song of the need to hold on to every promise of God in as written in the bible.


This hymn reminds every believer where their confidence must rest. Not in our own ability to dodge troubles but in Jesus who holds us up. With his help, we are able to stand on our feet even when our knees are buckling.

As a whole, the song speaks of just resting on God’s promises.

Still, there are three points of interest to note in this hymn. The second stanza points us to the ‘living Word of God’ which to us, pertains to the Bible. It is our manual for living as our old folks say.

The third stanza calls us to stand on the liberty of Christ’s finished work of salvation. He had freed us from the penalties of sin and we are expected to walk free from its power as well.

The fourth stanza then directs us to be in touch with the Holy Spirit. We ought to be listening more to him. Not to ourselves, and not even to the lies we are fed daily.


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