February 14

Dolly Parton Covers Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”

Do you remember the time when Dolly Parton covered the song “Stairway to Heaven?”

If you don’t know about it, you must check her version below.

The Original

“Stairway to Heaven” was a song written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, both are members of the Led Zeppelin band. They began to write the song in 1970 and finalized it in 1971. It became the signature song of the band, and it has been considered to be one of the Greatest Rock Songs of All Time.

Stairway to Heaven Dolly Parton Led Zeppelin
Photo Credit: Led Zeppelin/ Official Facebook Page

Led Zeppelin included the song first in their studio album Led Zeppelin IV. Even though it wasn’t released as a single yet, many people were eager to get a copy of it. So, they bought the whole album.

The song has an amazing and uniquely composed tune. It begins with a slow tempo, then they followed it with electric instruments and guitar solo of Page. The ending of the song was an a capella line by the lead singer, Plant.

Dolly Parton’s Version and Live Performance

In 2002, Parton recorded the Led Zeppelin’s song for her album Halos & Horns. She recorded the song in a slower version, instead of sticking to the original. She did a great job with her version. Sadly, Parton never released her cover as a single. Therefore, it never entered the chart.

On the same year, Parton performed the song on her Live and Well concert. The concert was held at her theme park in Tennessee.

Halos & Horns

Dolly Parton’s album was composed of fourteen songs. Two of the tracks in her album were covered, the rest of it was originally recorded and written by her. Despite that her song never secured a spot on the Billboard chart, her album secured a spot on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Furthermore, it placed at number fifty-eight on the Billboard 200.


  1. “Halos and Horns”
  2. “Sugar Hill”
  3. “Not For Me”
  4. “Hello God”
  5. “If” (Original: Bread)
  6. “Shattered Image”
  7. “These Old Bones”
  8. “What a Heartache”
  9. “I’m Gone”
  10. “Rave Dove”
  11. “Dagger Through the Heart”
  12. “If Only”
  13. “John Daniel”
  14. “Stairway to Heaven” (Original: Led Zeppelin)


Dolly Parton, Led Zeppelin

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