May 25, 2018

Leann Rimes Stuns Spring Sisters During A Finale Act

One of the most impressive American Idol auditions from this season came from 16-year old, Layla Spring who was joined by her 7-year old little sister, Dyxie. They sang Blue, a LeAnn Rime classic. Layla progressed to Hollywood week, but without her sister who was technically too young to audition. However, Dyxie did not leave barehanded. Katy Perry gave her a sought-after golden ticket to use in 2026. Watch their audition below.

Layla’s Advancement

Weeks following that adorable audition, viewers got to watch Layla move up through the Idol ranks. Sadly, Layla Spring was eliminated during the Top 24. She just came short of reaching the Top 14 after a scored average duet “Stuck Like Glue” with country duo Sugarland.

Surprising Finale Performance

There were tons of surprises during the May 21 season finale of American Idol. Layla and her sister, future American Idol contestant Dyxie, performed LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue” for their audition. As a sweet look back, they returned to perform it live during the American Idol grand finale. Little did the sisters know, they are set to get the surprise of a lifetime! Layla took to the stage with Dyxie, each taking turns with the verses. The audience gulped as they saw Rimes walk toward the sibling duo, who were in the middle of singing. Much to their shock, LeAnn Rimes, who recorded the song in 1996 at the age of 14, joined the sisters halfway through their performance. The well-kept secret even appeared to surprise the judges who seemed to know nothing about Rimes’s appearance.

Astounded and dazed of LeAnn’s existence, the sisters could hardly finish the song. LeAnn gave the sisters hugs and kisses and helped them get through the rest of the song. LeAnn Rimes said in awe,

 “The American Idol team can sure keep a secret! The sweethearts had no idea; it felt like a surprise birthday party! The two of them bring so much joy to the world, and I hope I was able to give them a little of it back.”

After the show, Rimes took to social media to express her love for the adorable sisters:

Leann Rimes Stuns Spring Sisters During A Finale Act 1
Screengrabbed from @leannrimes (

In addition, Layla cannot hide her happiness, and shared in her social media account, these words:

WHAT AN AMAZING SURPRISE LEANN RIMES!!!! @leannrimes Dyxie and I love you so much!!! We have grew up listening to your music thank you for taking the time to come sing with us, we love you so much and will cherish sharing the stage with you for a lifetime!

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