February 22

A Spiritual Declaration of God’s Uniqueness in ‘Jesus Was A Country Boy’

‘Jesus Was a Country Boy’ is a song co-written and recorded by American country music singer, Clay Walker. Written in a more light-hearted way, the song has a pretty deep meaning to it.  There are some bold statements to the song. Let’s try to cite some.

A Spiritual Declaration of God’s Uniqueness in ‘Jesus Was A Country Boy’ 1

Ponder On These Lines, As We Go Along

Well, I might be just an old blue collar:
There’s things about the Lord that I don’t know.
But I bet he never had a million dollars,
Or wore a lot of stylish fancy clothes.

The lines resonated with people fed up with slick preachers driving luxury cars and church sanctuaries as big as football fields. That’s not what Jesus was all about. Like the country boy next door, Jesus demonstrated a common faith. Jesus was born in a barn and fished for his dinner. He hung out with wrongdoers and sinners. He came not for the rich and powerful, but for the good old boys and country gals.

You see, Daddy was a rebel and a rambler,
But I always knew he loved my Mama so.
An’ I never doubted he’d make it to Heaven,
‘Cause it ain’t who you are, it’s who you know.

Picturing his own humble beginnings, Clay connotes the ways Jesus spoke to good old-fashioned country folk. Here, Jesus knew where he came from and he knew where he was going. He knew how to treat people, but also wasn’t petrified of a fight. He knew how to have a good time, and he loved to surprise people. And, like any good country boy, he knew about heartbreaks and miseries.

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Personal Reflections

As the songs explain, Jesus was a country boy because of the lifestyle Jesus lived which he compares to that of a “country boy”, can you imagine what wonderful life could that be? He is just like the person we spend our life with every day. He is our father, brother, friend and neighbor.

Ultimately, Jesus came to love and show that knowing His father is as open and easy as a summer breeze on a front-porch swing. At times, I feel like people get so wrapped up in the doctrine of laws that we lose what its true meaning is, – and that is to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. That is kind of what this song is really about. Jesus was a country boy we loved and adored. So why not spend most of your time in this world to love your country folks? After all, Jesus is everyone. 

 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

(Matthew 16:15)


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