February 19

God’s Provision of His Spirit in “It’s Beginning to Rain”

Annual Quartet Convention

As he entered the hall with his publisher, Aaron Brown, the Cruise Family was on stage singing. Captured by the lyrics, he told Mr. Brown that a certain line was moving. Mr. Brown inquired which line and he said, “It’s beginning to rain.” He was mistaken. The actual line was, “Let’s begin to reign.”

Still, that did not deter him from musing further. He thought that the line will make a good title for a song. He left before the concert was over and drove to Indianapolis where he was expected to sing for the Sunday services. As he drove along, he pulled out a small tape recorder and sang some words to add to the new song that came to him at the concert.

That same week and after attending services in Indianapolis, he drove again to The Gaithers home in Alexandria, Indiana. There they polished and completed “It’s Beginning to Rain.”

“It’s Beginning to Rain” by Jimmy Swaggart

Song’s Anatomy

Scripture references were on Acts 2:17-21 and Joel 2:23. Both accounts spoke of God’s movement among his people in the last days. The youths will ‘prophesy and see visions,’ while the older folks will ‘dream dreams.’

Both lyrics and melody are charming especially when sung in chorus by a multitude of believers. Imagine people of different kindred, be they young or old, coming together and sharing visions, dreams, and even working miracles! With the Spirit working in their midst, what glorious fellowship of God’s family would that be?!

The Songwriter

Aaron Wilburn
God’s Provision of His Spirit in “It’s Beginning to Rain” 1(photo credit: scoops digital)
He was a former member of the Happy Goodmans.  His career years revolved in Christian circles as a Christian Comedian and Southern Gospel songwriter.

Growing up in Alabama, he used to watch the Happy Goodman Family and the Florida Boys on the Gospel Singing Jubilee. They were his heroes. Years later, he had the privilege to travel with The Happy Goodman Family and wrote songs for them for three and a half year.

His Songwriting

Aarons’s songwriting strength is in his lyrics. He’s a word and rhymes lover. He believes that every word and line can’t go far unless it also affects the audience other than the composer.


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