July 31

The Southern Gospel Revival (Three) “When They Ring Those Golden Bells”

Drew Kennedy

This is another gospel revival that can warm our spirits. Perhaps, improvement with a taste of modern day but it can still warm our souls. Also, “When They Ring Those Golden Bells” can strengthen our faith in God. It has a different approach, or a new generation dose yet the message was retained. Listen to Drew Kennedy of Southern Gospel Revival for he will empower the conviction of our beliefs in the highest almighty.

Southern Gospel Revival brings a different sense of taste to our old gospel hymns. The album caters a modified tune and harmonies as well as way of singing. However, the meaning of the songs is still the same.

When They Ring Those Golden Bells…

The hymn is a traditional one yet it always being sung in different gatherings such as religious events. Moreover, the hymn was written back in 1887. Dion De Marbelle wrote the words and lyrics of “When They Ring Those Golden Bells.” The meaning and the message is still relevant up to these days. It could even impact us, specifically on the days of our downfalls. Indeed, a reminder that we should depend on God in good and bad times.

Furthermore, after its release almost one hundred twenty years ago, Emmy Lou Harris made her cover as part of her album “Angel Band.” Now, Drew Kennedy of Southern Gospel Revival made his rendition with his distinct voice and unique arrangement. Through his cover, let’s all be inspired.

Southern Gospel Revival

Southern Gospel Revival is an album composed of different people. Despite their differences, they have one goal. The goal to reach a diverse audience of mixed race and culture uniting the society. They would like to contact people by their gospel music with a different line of attack.

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Drew Kennedy, Southern Gospel Revival, When They Ring Those Golden Bells

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