August 2

South Carolina Dad Loses Son in Tragic Caffeine Overdose

South Carolina—16-year-old Davis Cripe left the world and his loved ones too soon. A proactive student at Spring Hill High School and an industrious part-timer at both The Plex Indoor Sports and a Fusion Youth Group at the Chapin United Methodist Church, Davis lived each day of his life to the fullest. He was described by family and friends as a good kid who was passionate about music and putting a smile on the people he cared about. He often immersed himself in various extracurricular activities and socialized with his peers like many other teens did.

South Carolina Dad Loses Son in Tragic Caffeine Overdose 1
A photo of Davis Allen Cripe from Instagram

Davis seemed to be such a bright light in his loved ones’ lives, that no one dared to assume he’d be permanently bidding them goodbye. On the 26th of April, Davis consumed an overdose of caffeine that led to his death. First, he drank a latte from McDonald’s at 12:30 pm, followed by a Diet Mountain Dew. After gulping down the soda, the teen boy made his way back to school but drank an energy drink before he hit the books. At 2:28 pm, he collapsed at his desk while in class.

Even after his teacher was quick to call 911 and the paramedics arrived on time, Davis was pronounced dead at 3:40 pm at the Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital. There were rumors that said Davis’s death was caused by drug and alcohol abuse. The truth is, Davis consumed perfectly legal and safe substances but at lethal amounts.

When too much caffeine is taken into one’s system, it can lead to a cardiac event, which will consequently cause a probable arrhythmia. Gary Watts, a Richland County Coroner Gary Watts explains further that one does not need to have an existing or underlying health condition to suffer from caffeine’s negative side-effects. Just the act of combining several caffeinated beverages in short intervals is enough to put your health at risk.
Davis, like so many other kids and so many other people out there today, was doing something (he) thought was totally harmless, and that was ingesting lots of caffeine. We lost Davis from a totally legal substance.”

Due to the unfortunate turn of events for Davis, his dad, Sean Cripe, is now calling out to his fellow parents. He implores them to be vigilant, and warn their kids about the dangers that excessive consumption of caffeine can bring. He hopes that his son’s death can serve as a lesson to other kids and teens everywhere so that at the very least, something good can still come out from their loss.


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