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Sonny James’ Country Version of The 1966 Pop Hit, “My Love”

My Love” is a popular love song in the mid until late 1960’s that went on to be a top hit internationally. It became a love music standard in almost every household especially in America during that time. Despite it being a popular song, American country music singer Sonny James released its country version in 1970. James’ version of “My Love” sure became a big hit reaching no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

Sonny James' Country Version of The 1966 Pop Hit, "My Love" 1
Sonny James |Photo Credits: nytimes.com

Furthermore, the song continued Sonny James‘ streak of having no. 1 songs on the charts. Also, “My Love” became one of his staple and signature songs along with his other hits like “Young Love,” and “Empty Arms.” Indeed, it is truly a joy to hear and watch when an artist turns a song into Country.

WATCH: Sonny James performs his country music version of the 1966 pop hit “My Love” as Johnny Cash introduces him onstage.

“My Love:” A 1966 International Pop Hit

Recorded in 1965, “My Love” was an international pop hit for British pop singer, actress, and composer Petula Clark. In early 1966, the song took off and immediately became a no. 1 hit. English composer Tony Hatch penned at the same time produced the song for Pye Records in the U.K., Warner Bros. in the U.S., and Disques Vogue in Denmark. This two-minute and forty-second song was officially released in December in 1965.

Sonny James' Country Version of The 1966 Pop Hit, "My Love" 2
Petula Clark |Photo Credits: rateyourmusic.com

As an international hit in the mid and late 1960’s, “My Love” charted in 15 countries worldwide. At its highest, it reached the no. 1 spot in the U.S., Canada, and Singapore. In the United States, to be specific, Billboard ranked it no. 1 on its Hot 100 chart and no. 4 on the Easy Listening chart. On the other hand, the Record World magazine placed it at the no. 1 spot on its 100 Top Pops.

Story Behind the Song

In 1965, while on a flight from London bound to Los Angeles, songwriter Tony Hatch found himself putting his new composition, “The Life and Soul of the Party,” together. Prior to this, he had already planned to record his newly composed song with Petula Clark. An American sitting beside him saw his composition and its title and advised Hatch that it would be meaningless to the American public had he used such title for a song. As a result, Hatch proceeded to create lyrics of a song with a simple title that would then be called “My Love.” He thought that with the simplicity of the title of the song, no one will ever raise any comprehension issue. Soon enough, he wrote the lyrics during the flight and finished it soon after landing in L.A.

Furthermore, the original version of the song was performed and recorded at Western Studio where the backing vocals of the L.A. session musicians the Wrecking Crew was featured. In an interview, the song’s original singer, Petula Clark, recalled an interesting anecdote:

“We recorded three songs on that session…I liked the two other songs quite a lot, but I really didn’t like ‘My Love’… and I thought it was a bit ordinary. I had got so used to these wonderful songs that Tony had been writing with all these different moods and I thought “My Love” was just a bit flat.”

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