December 6

A Song of Refuge: The Lighthouse

Written in 1970, “The Lighthouse” speedily become renowned worldwide. Earliest recordings were made by The Goodmans then followed by The Hinsons. It was recognized as Song of the Year by the Dove Awards and the Singing New Fans Award in 1972.

In the following clip, Ronnie Hinson briefly recounted how the song was written. He was yet in his teens at that time. He and his siblings were at “The Pentecostal Tabernacle’’ when the inspiration for his signature song came to him. You will be surprised to hear that he has not even seen a lighthouse before. We all could agree on the part where (pertaining to the song) he said that

“God has orchestrated something bigger than himself.”

Furthermore, that was just the beginning of his divine commission to write more gospel songs.

“The Lighthouse” performed by its composer, Ronnie Hinson.


Using the analogy of Jesus being the lighthouse and us, the wayfaring ships, the said hymn creates a unique and a lasting imprint in the mind of its listeners. It accomplishes three things. First, it acts as either an intro or an illustration for the gospel presentation. Second, it is inspirational for the building of a sturdier faith in Christ. Third, it also humbles us with the realization that had it not been for God’s lighthouse, we would still be lost by now. Hence, added to its backstory on how it was written, “The Light House” holds a strong impact.

To date, its popularity remains intact, especially in Baptist congregations. And, we are not only speaking of the USA but internationally. Commonly, it would be performed during revivals and church anniversaries. Though repeatedly sang, its influence remains. We could safely say that there is a divine force at work. The message continues to convict and effect changes in many people’s lives.


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