September 25

Lift Your Faith Once More: ‘Jonah, Job and Moses’ by Oak Ridge Boys

Feeling hopeless and in distress? You are never alone. Our forefathers in faith like Abraham, Jonah, Job, Moses, and even Jesus went through the same struggles. Yet once again, the Oak Ridge Boys reminded us how God had been faithful with their song story, Jonah, Job, and Moses. Be encouraged and be blessed!


Their lot in life was not a bed of roses
For Jonah, Job and Moses

Bit of a bummer. There is this little disconnect among newbie Christians with what life would be like once they turn to faith. Christian or not, nobody will be spared from pain and troubles. We live in an imperfect world and everybody is broken. That is just the reality and we need to accept it.

There were tears and fears and heartaches
In big and bigger doses

Thing is, being a man or woman of faith will just mean that you will have more issues and tests in life. You no longer just go with the flow. More often than you wish, there will be times you need to be a dissenter, a divergent. Hence, it is inevitable to clash with certain values, culture, and people who don’t share your beliefs.

Make me more like those three
Help me survive my troubles
Let me join that band of brothers
Let it be Jonah, Job, Moses and me.

More than a plea for help, there is a strong desire to be like those three great men of faith. That is, to be an over comer and the same God who helped them in the olden times, is the same God who is and will be an ever present help for us today.

They were solid as a rock
And stubborn as a stone.

Finally, these finale lines manifest a resolve that no more moping around. That in faith, it is about time to man-up, own up your trials, and be more than a conqueror.


Another universal and relatable song for everybody. Aside from its soulful content, people particularly southerners, love the ORB’s take and flavor in singing gospels. Hence, several local covers were being made and uploaded on You Tube.


It has been repeatedly added in ORB’s albums featuring gospel tracks including the Gospel Journey (2009). The album chartered well on the US Billboards of both Country and Gospel. Additionally, it is the second most played and downloaded song on several social and music sites.


Written in the 60’s by the prolific song writer Bill Anderson with Tia Sillers.
2. Awarded Country Recorded Song of the Year, the eighth Dove Award of ORB bestowed by The Gospel Music Association in 2007


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