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Slowing Things Down With Willie in SOMETHING TO GET THROUGH

Slowing Things Down With Willie in SOMETHING TO GET THROUGH 1
Willie Nelson (image from Youtube)

“Something You Can Get Through” is a single from Willie Nelson’s latest released album, “Last Man Standing.”  The album was released on April 27th of this year, just two days before Nelson celebrates his 85th birthday.

“It’s not something you get over, it’s just something you get through.”

The genesis of the song

Willie Nelson and his long-time friend and co-producer, Buddy Cannon wrote the song. The song’s arrangement has a gentle touch of a slow and sentimental waltz. It brings us to the Stardust-era. The lyrics actually came from Nelson’s words of comfort to a friend who lost a loved one. Cannon heard the conversation and together, they put in a song. Further, Cannon expressed that this is one of his most favorite songs.

It’s not ours to be taken
It’s just a thing we get to do
Life goes on and on
And when it’s gone
It lives in someone new
It’s not somethin’ you get over
But it’s somethin’ you get through

Personally Willie

“Something You Can Get Through” expresses Nelson’s reflections on love, loss and the passing of friends. These themes are prominent to Nelson’s contemporary albums. However, the sting in Willie’s voice feels particularly sharp this time around.

For the Red Headed Stranger, the song plays an especially impactful sentiment. In the recent years, Nelson himself has had to say goodbye to some of his closest friends and musical partners. He’s had his taste of grief and sorrow in losing his Outlaw friends and partners, Waylon Jennings (died 2002) and Johnny Cash (died 2003).

Slowing Things Down With Willie in SOMETHING TO GET THROUGH 2
The Country Outlaws (image bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com)

The song makes you reflect on events that happened in your life, the people who you were with, and life itself.

You feel there’s no way to go on
And life is just a sad, sad song
But love is bigger than us all
The end is not the end at all

The sepia-toned 3 minutes and 54 seconds music video shows a footage of Nelson and his band playing the song in a studio. Longtime band member Mickey Raphael plays harmonica that adds to the sentimental effect. The video was posted on Youtube over a month ago and now has more than 800, 000 views.

It’s time for reflections with Nelson’s new song, “Something You Can Get Through.”

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