Something something Jesus something, for many Christians of the newer generation this may be what sermons sound like but really, it is important to actually listen.

something something Jesus something

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As hard as it is to believe, I am actually part of the more modern generation of Christians. One dilemma that I, and many others, seem to have is listening to sermons or to other messages of the Lord in general. If it isn’t served in a quick, easy to grasp, the format we would normally trail off from trying to pay attention.

That may be a problem for many of us who go through this because we need to remember that one of the best ways to properly understand the word of God is to listen to the messengers He gave us.

something something Jesus something

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In the bible, Jesus spread His message and teachings through sermons. This was how He interacted with everyone, how everyone became closer to Him. Today, Jesus’ presence, message, and teachings are brought to us via His messengers. People who have studied His words religiously and try to convey them to us so that we can understand them better.

However, another reason to listen is to know who actually speaks the Lord’s words and who uses His name for personal gain. It is important to listen so that we can discern.

Something Something Jesus Something, Hey You! Pay Attention!

Whether we want to admit it or not, we sometimes hate the idea of sitting through a sermon. Many shows in the media depict the sermon part of the church as boring or jarring. One good example is the many instances of Homer Simpson from the animated hit show “The Simpsons,” oftentimes he is seen in church sleeping or trying to get away from it.

something something Jesus something

Gif of Homer from the episode, “Homer the Heretic”. Gif via Memegenerator

As Christians however, we need to remember that the word of God is part of our spiritual renewal. We need to hear it, understand it, and apply it in order for us to remain strong in faith and close to God. So to those of us who hear “something something Jesus something” during sermons, reflect and pray. The word of the Lord is like a refreshing spring to our thirsting souls, we need it.

“For the Lord gives wisdom;

from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” – Proverbs 2:6

Take this time to listen to the song “Perfect Wisdom of Our God” by Keith and Kristyn Getty and ponder on how we receive the word of God.

Watch it Here and God Bless!