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Conway Twitty Placed “Ain’t She Something Else” At No.1 on the Charts

Conway Twitty

In 1985, Conway Twitty placed “Ain’t She Something Else” at No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In fact, the song was the “High Priest of Country Music’” 33rd No. 1 single on the country charts.

With a total of 55 No.1 singles in the course of his career, indeed, Conway Twitty is a legend in the country music scheme. It’s no doubt that he is one of the most successful male country artists of all time.

Ain’t She Something Else…

Primarily, the song was recorded and released by country music artist Eddy Raven. It was released in November 1974 under his album “This Is Eddy Raven.” Unfortunately, his version just reached No.46 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Furthermore, Bill Rice and Jerry Foster pooled resources at creating the words and lyrics of “Ain’t She Something Else.”

In 1984, Conway Twitty remastered and released the song in November 1984, a decade after Raven has released his. “Ain’t She Something Else” was part of Twitty’s album “Latest Greatest Hits.” The song became his 33rd No.1 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It spent a total of 4 weeks at No.1 and 14 weeks on the chart.

The Lyrics…

Don’t you like the way she talks to you

When she’s feeling woman warm

And don’t it make you feel so good

Just to know she’s yours all by yourself

Don’t you like to see the sun go down

When she’s lying close to you

And can’t you feel her all around

When she loves you ain’t she something else

Ain’t she just some kind of lover in the morning

Can’t your arms feel the warmness where she slept

Ain’t she just all that you have ever wanted

And when she loves you ain’t she something else

Don’t you like the way she clings to you

And loves you ’til there’s nothing left

Now tell me don’t her lips taste good

And when she loves you ain’t she something else

Lord, When she loves me, she’s sure something else

The High Priest of Country Music…

Conway Twitty was born Harold Lloyd Jenkins in Friars Point, Mississippi, in 1933, and took his famous stage name in 1957. He found early musical success in pop and rock ‘n’ roll before turning full-time to the country in 1965. As a country artist, he found his way to the top of the Billboard chart 55 times, a record until 2006, with songs such as “Hello Darlin'” and “Slow Hand.”

In 1958, Twitty notched his very first No.1 rock single “It’s Only Make Believe.” Over the next ten years, Twitty swapped from rock to plain country music. With this, he scored his very first country hit “Next In Line” in 1968. This song made his way to becoming a country music legend with 50 No.1 hits. But overall, he has placed a total of 55 No.1 songs on the charts earning his title “High Priest of Country Music.” However, in this generation, George Strait bested Conway Twitty with more than 50 No.1 singles on the country charts.

Not only he has placed numerous singles on top, but also he earned more than 100 awards including 6 Academy of Country Music Awards, 4 Country Music Association Awards, and 2 Grammy Awards.

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