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Warm Your Soul Up with this Solemn Hymn “Blessed Assurance”

Warm Your Soul Up with this Solemn Hymn "Blessed Assurance" 1
A member of the worship band Elevation Worship singing wholeheartedly the Christian hymn “Blessed Assurance” | Photo credit:

One of the highlights of a worship service is singing worship songs. Here, you’ll find yourselves connected with God through songs. Nothing can be more exciting than singing songs for your savior. As you lift your voice to exalt His name, you’ll soon find yourselves drowned in a different kind of happiness. And in no time, your spirit becomes warmed up driving you, even more, to sing at the top of your lungs. But singing worship songs isn’t all about singing out loud. More importantly, this practice is meant to prepare our souls to a more intimate encounter with God as we move further with the worship service.

There are countless worship songs made that we never get tired of singing. Some of these have been written way back in the 18th century. Through the years, these songs continue to inspire many generations that come. In this article, we chose to feature the well-known Christian hymn Blessed Assurancethat the blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby wrote in 1873. But before discussing the song a little more, let’s listen to it first.

In the featured video below, the worship band Elevation Worship will lead us to a solemn rendition of the classic gospel tune.

A Solemn Yet Rousing Hymn

Phoebe Knapp wrote the music for “Blessed Assurance.” It was set to a solemn melody which perfectly fits the lyrics. But the solemnity of the tune did not lessen its ability to rouse the spirit of anyone who sings it. In fact, it even added a touching element to the song. Consisting of three stanzas and a refrain, “Blessed Assurance” is a song of a grateful servant. It’s a great expression of one’s gratitude for being redeemed from sin. The opening line alone says it all,

“Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!”

Could there be any other way for us to feel blessed than having Jesus in our lives?

The refrain made the song clearer for us. Here, the narrator stresses the fact that everything tackled in the song is his story. And the song is all about him. As part of his duty, he’ll give praise to his savior all throughout the day. It’s indeed a song for every sinner saved through God’s grace.

Several country music artists have covered and performed the classic gospel tune including Alan Jackson and Randy Travis.

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