April 27, 2018

“Soldiers and Jesus”: A Song About Two People Who Died for Us

"Soldiers and Jesus": A Song About Two People Who Died for Us 1Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

The title alone of this James Otto’s single speaks a lot about the song. Listening to it will surely stir the heart of both fans and critics.  Otto co-wrote the lyrics of Soldiers and Jesus” with Chris Wallin. It’s the second single from his third studio album Shake What God Gave Ya. This touching ballad provides a resemblance between the quandary and sacrifices of the soldiers and that of Jesus Christ. Like Jesus, our soldiers make sacrifices every day. Sadly, that’s something that some people tend to forget oftentimes. Although the song has a little touch of politics, Otto has kept its central theme firm. It’s indeed a powerful tune that puts emphasis on the only two people who died for us, soldiers and Jesus.

Otto’s passionate and emotive vocal turns the song into an attractive tune that easily captures the listener’s attention. Although the song may ‘not’ reach the top of the chart, that doesn’t mean it won’t win the hearts and minds of the soldiers, their families, and country music fans.

James Otto’s Personal Connection with the Song

Otto was born into a family called to serve the government and its citizens. As such,  the singer is speaking from experience on “Soldiers and Jesus.” In addition, he has served in the Navy, himself. Thus, he’s perfectly fit to write and sing this kind of song. Otto shared during a pre-release show that the song is also his wife’s favorite. She chose it for the record. He further explained,

“It’s a really powerful song, something that only comes along once in a while and really moves people. It’s about the only two people who ever died for me, soldiers and Jesus. “

In addition to the above statement, the singer mentioned the importance of adding a patriotic song to his album in an interview. He added that the fans of country music, being dedicated supporters of the military would fully understand the song’s message.

Here’s a music video of the song, “Soldiers and Jesus.”

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