December 27

“Softly and Tenderly:” Jesus is Calling to the Everly Brothers

Burdens come in a lot of ways. It may be in the form of physical, financial or emotional trials. Also, since we are living in this material world, this kind of scenario cannot be avoided. Moreover, burdens are there to mold us to be a better version of ourselves than yesterday. Instead of whining, why not look at the positive side of those trials?

Furthermore, God is always there to guide us in every trial we may encounter. All we need to do is to call His name if the load is too heavy. He also mentioned this in the Bible, specifically in Mathew 11: 28.

To inspire you more about this, let’s go ahead and listen to the soulful performance of the Everly Brothers.

The Unstoppable Duo

This duo is distinct due to their vocal harmony and this makes them stand out from other acts. Anyway, they started to climb the music ladder in 1951 until they gained commercial success in 1957. In addition, they released their first million-selling single this year entitled “Bye Bye Love.” This was the turning point of their career to release more chart-topping songs like “Wake up Little Sussie” and “Bird Dog.” I hope that you did not forget the famous Everly Brothers.

“Softly and Tenderly:” Jesus is Calling to the Everly Brothers 1
Photo Credits: Everly Brothers Official Home Page

When We Need Help in Times of Crisis

It is normal for us to panic or be stressed if we have problems because we will not be at peace. Now, let me ask you, what do you usually do if you encounter burdens in your life? You know what? All you need to do is to pray and give all your problems to the Lord. Hence, this is the most important formula that we often forget.

Listen to the hit “Softly and Tenderly” of Everly Brothers and be inspired. Don’t give up on that burden, be a fighter!


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