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“Smile” was Lonestar’s Second Number One Single in 2000


In 2000, Lonestar placed four number one singles on the country charts. These were “Amazed,” “What About Now,” “Tell Her,” and “Smile.” Their song “Smile” was their second to reach number one on the country charts. These songs were all part of their album “Lonely Grill.”

It can be said that in 2000 when Lonestar’s career has started to reach its prominence. They were considered as one of the best-selling bands in the industry. Up to these days, their songs are still being played over the radios and televisions. Moreover, their songs would remind us of the country music in the 2000s. After the release of the album which includes the singles mentioned above, they continued releasing more songs. All in all, Lonestar has placed nine number one singles on the country charts.


Keith Follesé and Chris Lindsey wrote the words and lyrics of “Smile.” The song was released in October 1999 under their album “Lonely Grill.” Also, the song was the tenth single under the album. Moreover, the song placed at number thirty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100. It also placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Lastly, the song reached at number twenty on the Billboard US Country Songs.


The band is composed of Richie McDonald, Michael Britt, Dean Sams, and Keech Rainwater. Lonestar was formed in 1992. Their group has charted more than twenty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Also, they have a total of nine number singles on the chart. Their most successful single was “Amazed” which placed at number one on Billboard hot 100. The song stayed on the chart for a week.

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