June 13

“Sky Full of Angels”: Reba McEntire Sings With Sister Susie

"Sky Full of Angels": Reba McEntire Sings With Sister Susie 1
McEntire Family sing together on stage. (L-R: Reba, Susie, their mom Jacqueline, and Alice). Photo Credits: newsok.com

If anyone of you doesn’t know, Reba is not the only singer and performer of the McEntire family. In fact, she belongs to a family of performers who has started big in their hometown in Oklahoma. Her younger sister, Susie (Martha Susan McEntire-Eaton), is a musical artist herself. She is known as a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) singer.

Recording gospel songs is not a new thing for the McEntire family especially for sisters Reba and Susie. Actually, they grew up singing gospel music in church. Reba’s 2017 all-gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Hope and Faith, can attest to this. On the other hand, Susie has also been singing gospel song for years and has produced a number of albums about faith, love, and hope. To note, both sisters have already teamed up to produce an inspirational gospel duet blending their angelic voices.

As a matter of fact, Reba has also sung with the other members of the family. She and Susie have once performed gospel songs with their other sister, Alice, and their mom, Jackie. All sisters and the mother recorded the classic “I’ll Fly Away” and released it on Reba’s album.

“Sky Full of Angels”: A Sisters’ Duet, Reba & Susie

In 2003, Reba produced a solo version of her southern gospel song “Sky Full of Angels” on her album, Room to Breathe. The song centers on the love of God, sending His son Jesus to save His people and providing a sky full of angels to come and look over us.

"Sky Full of Angels": Reba McEntire Sings With Sister Susie 2
Susie and Reba McEntire. Photo Credits: hotsr.com

Later, both sisters decided to have a collaboration and perform the said song in a duet. Reba and Susie truly channeled their gospel vocal prowess as they hit every single note of the tune. Indeed, “Sky Full of Angels” is the perfect song for the sisters to sing, still preserving the true message of the gospel music. With the soothing harmony and blending of the voices, it is no denying that these two are a legacy not only to the McEntire family but also to the entire state of Oklahoma.

Listen to the duet of the McEntire sisters, Reba and Susie, of “Sky Full of Angels” below:

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