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Fall in Love With Davis’ “I Can’t Help You, I’m Falling Too”

Fall in Love With Davis' "I Can't Help You, I'm Falling Too" 1
Skeeter Davis close-up headshot (

You say that you’re falling
But what can I do?
You want me to help you
But I’m falling too

I know that we’re wrong dear
But when I’m with you
I can’t help you darlin’
‘Cause I’m falling too

A 1960 hit single, “(I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too” was first recorded by American country music singer Skeeter Davis. She co-wrote the song with Hal Blair and Don Robertson. Produced by “The Country Gentleman”  Chet Atkins, Davis released the single as a single for RCA Victor.

To note, this was Davis’ answer song to Hank Locklin‘s country-pop crossover hit, “Please Help Me, I’m Falling.”

“(I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too” was Davis’ second answer song in response to a Locklin tune.

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Skeeter Davis (Photo by

An Answer Song to a Hank Locklin Hit

Skeeter Davis co-wrote and performed “(I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too” as a response do Hank Locklin’s 1960 single, “Please Help Me, I’m Falling.”

Please Help Me, I’m Falling” was penned by Don Robertson and Hal Blair who also co-wrote Skeeter Davis’ hit in that same year. Locklin recorded it in February 1960. The song was Locklin’s most successful recording. In addition, it became his second no. 1 single on the country charts. It spent 14 weeks as no. 1 and 9 months on the country chart. Moreover, it crossed over to the Hot 100 reaching no. 8.

The opening lyrics of the song goes

Please help me, I’m falling
In love with you
Close the door to temptation
Don’t let me walk through

Turn away from me, darling 
I’m begging you to
Please help me, I’m falling
In love with you…

On the other hand, Skeeter Davis’ “(I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too” was recorded on May 13, 1960, in Nashville, Tennessee. Eventually, it reached the no. 2 position on the  Billboard Magazine Hot C&W Sides chart. Later, it went to no. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song became Davis’ highest chart-topping single during that time and also her fourth solo hit. Additionally, it was her first single to chart on the Hot 100.

Watch and listen to Skeeter Davis’ “I Can’t Help You I’m Falling Too” below:

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I Can't Help You I'm Falling Too, Skeeter Davis

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