June 27

Six-String Soldiers’ Uncloudy Day

Six-String Soldiers’ Uncloudy Day 1

What best way is there to celebrate coming home but with a great and joyful performance? That’s what the army band Six-String Soldiers did. They recently shared their version of the gospel song “Uncloudy Day” to their fans and viewers on Facebook. Their video showcased their amazing talents in playing their very own instruments while saying,

“We’ve been out touring for the last couple months, but we’re glad to be home and thought we’d come out on the first day of summer and do a video for you guys.”

After which, they started singing harmoniously and it instantly turned the gray skies into a bright sunny day that brought an instant smile to our hearts.

So the Song Goes…

“Oh, the land of cloudless day/ Oh, the land of an unclouded sky/ Oh, they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise/ Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day,” they sang. As their other videos, they took turns singing their solos and harmonies. At the same time, displaying a range of sounds and vocals. If you have been a follower though, you may have noticed that there are only three of them in the video from the original quartet. It turns out that their mandolin player is on his way to retirement. That is after 27 years of being in the service.

As a viewer, I really can’t help but smile at their upbeat performance. I can just feel the joy they have to be coming home again and how grateful they are. Their lighthearted spirits and love of music are definitely felt in their video. This song was drafted in 1879 by Josiah Kelley Alwood. It has also been a smashing success for artists that take on the challenge, ranging from country outlaw Willie Nelson to Bob Dylan.

Here is their upbeat and joyful performance. Enjoy!

Unclouded Day

It's a great #Army day here at home, and a great start to the summer!

Posted by Six-String Soldiers on Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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