Six String Soldiers have been around for a while. They have made countless of surreal and epic country covers that went viral ever since they started. If you are living under the rock and if you do not know this army with pipes in their arsenal, as per their official Facebook Page; The Six-String Soldiers is a four-member acoustic group performing Americana, folk, bluegrass, and Irish music in an informal setting. The group brings its signature style to the smallest, most intimate venues, the busiest public places, street festivals, and music festivals across the United States. With its focus on audience interaction and sharing its members’ stories and experiences as American Soldiers, Six-String Soldiers offers one of the most personal musical experiences found in the United States Army.

Seven Spanish Angels, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Six String Soldiers

Of course, we all know that Seven Spanish Angels should not be taken literally from its title since it’s a song about bandits. It’s also a fact that this beautiful song is a result of a beautiful friendship between country legend, Willie Nelson, and singer, Ray Charles.

I could not think of any way possible that this song could be sung in a manner of storytelling but a Willie Nelson and Ray Charles singing it in a duet form. It tells the story of an outlaw and presumably his girlfriend with her that are being chased by a posse while they are running in the lands of Mexico trying to find their way back in Texas. In an unfortunate turn of events, the tandem was corned by the posse and in a classic Romeo and Juliet style, the couple did not worry of surrendering themselves rather prepared for a bloody shootout.

Fortunately for us, there are veterans such as the Six-String Soldiers that could definitely bring forth this kind of music in a live performance. While this band could not clearly erase the melancholy in the song, I’m pretty sure that the audience to have such beautiful voices to sing on the stage

Watch their performance here: