August 21

Country Music Sisters That Will Take Your Breath Away

Country Music Sisters That Will Take Your Breath Away 1

We were amazed the first time we saw and heard these two country music sisters as they sang their original, “Two Hearts.” Two years apart, sisters Hannah Moore and Haile Nixon may look and sound like budding country music artists, which they are.

Thanks to their Grandma, they are far ahead from other small-town singers of their age. They have experienced the their family “summer tours” for two years. The tours had bookings from South Texas to Amarillo and from Nashville to California. Not to mention a lot of the appearances the made on festivals, pageants, benefit concerts and oprys in the towns surrounding Winnsboro.

Hannah and Hailee is taking music as a full-time endeavor. They spend most of their leisure time co-writing original songs, arranging harmonies and learning popular music. They are planning on going on the same college after they finish high school. They are also planning to take music and study the Music Industry and Business to round their interest.

Hannah and Hailee will be making their first trek to the Josie Awards stage at Nissan stadium in Nashville for the red-carpet reception that precedes the awards show. The country music sisters is nominated in three different country categories.

Despite the busy schedule of the sisters, KSST Radio luckily made an arrangement for an interview. KSST Radio’s interview last for a few minutes. The interview was about Hannah and Hailee’s Nashville trip and last Saturday’s return to the Reilly Springs Jamboree stage where they began their performing careers eight years ago.

Watch the interview of the sisters by KSST Radio below. Are you amazed the same way we are? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and share this to other country fans to make them aware of these two beautiful and great country singers.


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