November 8

The Movie “Sister Act” Re-imagines “Salve Regina”

Salve Regina in the Sister Act

Salve Regina, also known as “Hail Holy Queen,” is a song dedicated to Mary, the mother of God. It is also linked to the final prayers of the holy rosary.  It is a classic piece in the Catholic church, and it has its usual way to sing it. But, there isn’t a right way to do it. Well, technically, any way is ok.

In the 1992 comedy film Sister Act, the main plot point revolves around Deloris. She seeks refuge in a church after being a witness to a murder. In the movie, we follow her adventures inside of the convent. And, we how she adjusts to the life that was so parallel to her previous one.

During all the mishap that she and the mother superior of the convent have clashed with, Deloris gets assigned to the choir that needed much improvement. And true enough, she had stunned the crowd. Their rendition of Salve Regina was immaculate, to say the least.

Listen to their amazing rendition here!


Come to think of it; there are certain limitations in reinventing such a popular hymn of the church that is fitting to the movie. It’s a challenge to get it right. One has to do it without losing the integrity of the song. And, at the same time spicing it up enough to reflect the transformation that Deloris did to the choir. However, Sister Act delivers on that jovial, yet soulful vibe.

I am reminded of this favorite priest that we had in my local church whenever I see this movie. He was famous for saying that masses are always celebrations of the gift of Christ and that we should always be happy to attend the festivity. And, how they sing the hymns of the church in this movie, most especially “Salve Regina” mirrors the happy feeling that we should have when we attend mass. The mass isn’t supposed to be uptight and drab, like what was first depicted in the movie. When the songs and the homily were given life, that was the energy that attracted people to listen to the word of God. And, this is how we should celebrate our God anyway, with happiness in our hearts and praises.


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