August 31

A Humbling Tune for Every Sinner Saved by Grace, “Who Am I?”

When we think of the great sacrifice Jesus did on the cross to redeem the whole human race, we sometimes cannot avoid feeling ashamed. And then the question “Who Am I?” comes quickly. Who are we, by the way, to be so loved by Jesus? Recalling our countless sinful acts, are we worthy of God’s only son dying for us? But no matter how many times we feel worthless to deserve the life of Christ, His love remains the same. He looked beyond our faults and continue loving us unconditionally.

This question on our worth to receive the boundless love of Christ has been a theme for spiritual tunes. At least two songs use the question “Who Am I?” for their title. One of these songs was that of the Southern Gospel Music singer-songwriter Charles “Rusty” Goodman. “Who Am I?” was one of the prolific composer’s gospel tunes covered by many great artists including Elvis Presley.

“Who Am I?” Recorded by Elvis Presley

As one of the many artists whose musical interest rooted in gospel tunes, the King of Rock and Roll has remained true to his first love. Growing up attending church and listening to gospel songs, Presley has developed a solid interest in such music genre. And despite achieving tremendous success in rock and roll music, the late singer did not stop returning to gospel music. In 1960, he released his first-ever gospel music album His Hand in Mine. The album consists of twelve tracks including Swing Down Sweet Chariot,” “In My Father’s House,” and Milky White Way.”

A Humbling Tune for Every Sinner Saved by Grace, "Who Am I?" 1
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Presley also had several compilation albums for his gospel music. You’ll Never Walk Alone was one of Presley’s compilation records that came out in 1971. It was here where his cover of Goodman’s “Who Am I?” appeared along with nine other tracks. Presley recorded the song two years prior to the album’s release. The album ranked at No. 69 on Billboard 200 chart. Listen to Presley’s rendition of “Who Am I?” below.

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Charles Rusty Goodman, Elvis Presley, His Hand In Mine, Who Am I?

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