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Sing Along With Jimmie F. Rodgers, “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”

Music during the 1950s have heritages in both city and countryside sounds. Include rhythm and blues, gospel, barbershop, big band, rock, and rockabilly. These songs show the folk music trend that was at work in the background during the era. Jimmie F. Rodgers had success with his version of “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine” in 1957. It was top 3 on the U.S. Chart, top 6 on the Country Chart, and top 8 on the U.S R&B Chart.

Sing Along With Jimmie F. Rodgers, “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine” 1

“Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”, Olden times

Pete Seeger and the folk group The Weavers in 1951 originally recorded and made “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine” popular. The composition remains a mishmash. Seeger tributes an Irish folk song to which Lead Belly added rhythm and blues chords. Lead Belly modified the tune for his own farmer-cow song “If It Wasn’t for Dicky”. He did not like the lack of cadence, so he made the piece more rhythmic, playing the chorus with a twelve-string guitar. The Weavers revised the lyrics to change the story from one about a farmer and a dead cow into a love song about a man looking over the life he has had with his darling. The Weavers’ original 1951 single release spent 6 weeks on the Billboard chart, peaking at top 19. Jimmie Rodgers’ version hit a gold record in 1957. There were several recordings of the song. Some of which were Waylon Jennings’, Jackson Browne’s and Bonnie Raitt’s.

The Singer, Not the Father of Country Music

Our pick version for today is that of Jimmie F. Rodgers. He was born James Frederick Rodgers. Yes. Do not be confused. He is not related to the Jimmie Rodgers, who is named, the Father of Country Music. However, the famous Jimmie Rodgers coincidentally died the same year the Jimmie F. Rodgers was born. Rodgers’ mother taught him to play the piano and guitar. While serving in the United States Air Force in Korea, he joined a band. The start of many of his recordings was being a contestant on Arthur Godfrey’s talent show. This helped his career, leading to a booming success.

Listen then, to this delightful Jimmie F. Rodgers’ song with a story about life that brings tender memories.

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Jimmie F. Rodgers, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

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