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Shot Full of Love, A Tale of a Man Changed by Love

Shot Full of Love, A Tale of a Man Changed by Love 1
Billy Ray Cyrus (image from Youtube)

Garth Brooks may have been the biggest country music star of the 1990s, but Billy Ray Cyrus became a symbol of Nashville’s new commercial acumen. His trademark blend of country and rock on top of his ruggedly good looks and appealing stage presence earned him a platinum certificate for his line dance-oriented debut single, “Achy Breaky Heart.”

However, Cyrus did not receive favorable feedback from purists. He became an evidence of how far country music had strayed away from its roots. However, those backlashes helped create a louder noise for his name. He went on recording upbeat sound until 1996, where he started releasing tougher and more personal sound.

His version of “Shot Full of Love” made him closer to what is being called “real country.” The song was first recorded by Don Williams in 1986 for his album, New Moves.

The theme of the song perfectly fits Cyrus’ image. A bad boy with a hidden soft spot unraveled by the girl of his life. The narrator of the song tells the story of how a girl changed him from being a heart-breaker to a one-woman-man. He used to be a cold-hearted moonlit bandit notoriously known in his town. But, as the potion of love hit its effect on him, he became as meek as a lamb.

A reflection on the power of love

Because of love, people change, can I get an approval for that? That change, however, should ALWAYS lead to a positive outcome. Or it won’t be called love after all. There ain’t should ever be a mark of pessimism connected to love. Its role is to be a force that extracts the best in you. This is true to relationships as well as all aspects of life like passion and career. If your heart beats for a certain activity, you are more likely to work for a better outcome. If you love your family and want to give them a more convenient life, strive to become a better man. Again, love directs us to a finer version of ourselves, and if what you feel makes your situation worse, probably, that does not love after all.


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