January 24

Chesney’s “No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems”: A Cool Escape

Chesney's "No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems": A Cool Escape 1

Imagine you’re about to go on a summer retreat with your family or friends. The feeling of excitement goes beyond what your heart can contain. In the next couple of days, you’ll be free from the exhausting environment. You’ll have the rare chance to breathe in some fresh air. Your sense of sights will be relaxed a while as you finally have a glimpse of nature. And during those times, you really have nothing to think about but to enjoy each moment with your group all day long. Isn’t that startling?

If you’ve been spending most of your time in a corporate environment, you will certainly look for a way to unwind sometimes. While going somewhere can be undoubtedly fun, it can be costly too. The good news is, there are actually other remedies available to chill out. Listening to a soothing song could be a good option.

Here’s one cool song from Kenny Chesney to help you loosen up a bit.

Forget About the World, Just Chill with the Song

The song conveys a message that average Americans could relate to. Basically, it eases them through various problems. Moreover, the island influence is strongly felt in the lyrics. Singing them ushers one to a more peaceful place and time. Thus, temporarily escaping from their troubles. Likewise, it helps the listeners to realize that nothing is wrong with escaping from reality for a little while. Leaving hardships behind, for the time being, is all right. Taking it from Chesney’s words,

“I know we’ve got all problems. Whatever is going on in your world, don’t think about it…just have fun and let’s listen to music.”

Success of the Track’s Album

The track’s album is similar to the song’s title “No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems”. It was released in 2002. The album is considered as Chesney’s most successful project in his music career. It earned him two Academy of Country Music Awards – The Best Single (“The Good Stuff”) and Male Artist of the Year.

Chesney’s fondness for the island inspired him to bring the album to life. This is just on top of his buying a house on St. John Island – a place he visited only to film music videos. Eventually, he fell in love with the place which later opened a lot of opportunities for him, especially in his music career.

After Chesney’s release “No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems” in 2002, the island influence on country music became increasingly popular. Such influence even extended to some modern country songs. Chesney may have released other albums prior to this but “No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems” contributed a lot to the success he has relished for over a decade.

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Kenny Chesney, No Problems, No Shirts, No Shoes

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