August 1

The Southern Gospel Revival (Four) “Take Your Shoes Off Moses”

Courtney Patton

“Take Your Shoes Off Moses” is the fourth revival from Southern Gospel Revival. It is another Christian gospel hymn with a different taste. Nevertheless, it would still have the same meaning, the same impact for us to be enlightened. The song revived by one of the members of Southern Gospel Revival, Courtney Patton. Listen to her voice as she gives her distinct approach to the gospel hymn.

Take Your Shoes Off Moses…

J.D. Jarvis wrote the words and lyrics of “Take Your Shoes Off Moses.” It was first published and released in 1967. It was more than five decades ago. However, due to its significant impact, it’s being conveyed in different genres and from generation to generation. Also, it is one of the gospel hymns that is being used in religious events.

Moreover, Stanley Brothers and Ricky Skaggs made the song known all throughout the world. Thanks to them, we have this kind of gospel hymn to be treasured and to enlighten us.

Southern Gospel Revival…

Southern Gospel Revival

Southern Gospel Revival brings a different sense of taste to our old gospel hymns. They cater a modified tune and harmonies as well as way of singing. However, the meaning of the songs is still the same.

Furthermore, Southern Gospel Revival is an album composed by different people. Despite their differences, they have one goal. The goal to reach a diverse audience of mixed race and culture uniting the society. They would like to contact people by their gospel music with a different line of attack.

Southern Gospel Revival

Each of the revivals depends on the artist’s pick. Also, the artist has the prerogative of how she/he would like to sing the song. Moreover, the arrangement will depend on each of the members on how they would like the song to sound. Nevertheless, whatever approach they take, it comes out so beautiful. Listen to their album Southern Gospel Revival for you will be amazed as well as listen to more of their covers. Also, the message of the songs they take will remain, and it will make you help you have a stronger faith in God.

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J.D. Jarvis, Southern Gospel Revival, Take Your Shoes Off Moses

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